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How can I help you?

As a coach I empower you to grow by enabling you to reflect upon your current situation, identify challenges and obstacles you are facing and empower you to devise a specific plan of action designed to help you achieve your desired outcome. I will be empowering you to overcome your particular challenges, or realise a particular ambition.

I am adept at helping clients understand and identify those seemingly invisible forces stopping them from moving forward. Navigating our way through life's challenges and our own seeming limitations can be overwhelming. I have the tools and the insights to empower you to get to where you want to be.

How Does Coaching Work?

Different coaches use different models to structure their sessions. I  structure sessions using tools and techniques relevant to your situation and goals. I  ask questions, listening very carefully to your responses and challenging you, whilst all the time remaining non-judgmental regarding the details. I do not offer advice. I give you tools and techniques to be empowered to solve your own issues. I aim to get you to a point where you can live out and implement the tools and methods we use to continue to use them beyond our coaching relationship.

As a coach you will find me to be patient, personable, insightful and fully committed to seeing you realise your ambition and be equipped to live out your potential. I am good humoured and I love getting to know and support my clients. I'm not afraid to offer challenge and accountability in seeing you realise your ambitions.

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L Uren, Architect

"The coaching sessions have empowered me that I have valuable skills, that I have something to offer, and that I am capable of making change in my situation. I am so grateful for this time of encouragement and the impact it has had on my life."

L Trezise, Entrepeneur

"I feel the overall impact of the coaching has been confidence. I feel that the positive observations of my coach on my abilities helped me to believe in myself and believe I was able to achieve my goals... Thank you Trefor so much for this opportunity."

L Johnson, Director

"Trefor helped my business partner and I identify our goals and make steps towards achieving them. Within the period in which we received coaching from Trefor we were able to put some steps into action and see results, including finding a third partner to join our team and support our project.


With Trefor’s help my partner and I were able to identify unhelpful mindsets which have contributed to stalling our project and disrupted our working relationship and are now able to change those mindsets and move forward. We’ve found clarity in our roles as team members which has also allowed us to work more fruitfully and efficiently.


My partner and I both felt the benefit of a third party’s perspective on our project and working relationship. Trefor was able to ask pertinent and often challenging questions, and his presence allowed us to be more honest with each other than we had been previously. This enabled us to confront problems and difficulties and make changes to move forward in our partnership and project."

E Maxwell-Wood, Performance Designer

"I have loved my coaching sessions with Trefor. I started the sessions very fearful and

confused about what my future career might look like, in light of current circumstances, and

now I feel empowered and equipped to move forward. Through his insightful questions, and

helping me break down my goals into manageable steps, Trefor has highlighted different

avenues to process and explore the things I hope to achieve. It has been invaluable, thank you!"

C Homer, Director

"We feel we have clarity of direction, purpose and roles as we move forward with our project.

We also feel much more confident and purposeful about transitioning out of employment into self-employment in the fullness of time.


So grateful to Trefor for his skills and technique. It totally worked for us!"

J E Dunn, Psychotherapist

"The coaching has been really, really helpful to me. Trefor was warm, approachable and helped me to feel relaxed in the sessions. He also encouraged me to be really specific in the work goals I had, to explore possibilities and be creative in that. We also explored things that were holding me back which was revelatory and has led to much thought outside the sessions as well and which will be a real help going forward. Trefor was gently challenging too where that was needed and encouraged me to set specific targets which was so good for me because it made me move towards achieving those before the next session. I really appreciated the sessions, found them very practically helpful and they have led to encouraging outcomes in the areas we worked on."

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential."
Bob Nardell

“Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.”
Stephen R. Covey,

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