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I am a seasoned worship leader, and I play in an itinerant capacity in different churches and Christian communities, aswell as leading worship in my home church. More than anything else I love to draw alongside other creatives and encourage them. I believe that we are about to have an exciting explosion in musical worship and want to be on hand, championing and honouring our creatives and loving and welcoming the presence of the Lord.


Over the years I have been invited to lead worship in many different contexts. I love doing this and especially enjoy supporting others in equipping them to engage in God's presence in worship. I am continually building up relationships with individuals and church communities in supporting them to engage with the call we have to worship creatively under the sovereign direction of the spirit.

I am a multi-instrumentalist and producer, and am presently producing my own worship tracks alongside writing children's worship songs to resource churches and families.

Please get in touch. I would love to get to know you and walk with you in this journey. 

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"Trefor has always been a person who has pursued God wholeheartedly, searching the Bible for God’s truth and applying it faithfully to his life. He is man of integrity and thoughtful Biblical thoroughness. As well as being good company and an encouraging person, he is also a person of prayer and seeks after an intimate walk with the Lord Jesus. Trefor is not only a committed, tested and proven follower of Jesus Christ, he is also a gifted musician, fluent in playing numerous musical instruments. He is very able at writing, composing, playing and producing original Christian music.

Yet, his passion is for the Presence of God and it is in leading worship that Trefor comes into his own. He is more than able to lead worship in a church or worship-event setting, but he is also capable of pushing out into ‘deeper waters’ and flowing in Holy Spirit led improvisation and inspired spontaneous songs of praise to God. An experience which facilitates the congregation to enter into the heavenly presence of God in a deeper, more touching and more real way.


I have asked Trefor on a number of occasions if he would help our church to lead worship at our Sunday services. We have been blessed to be able to keep inviting him to come and lead us in worship of God. Often coming early to the meeting, he is well prepared practically, but he also comes ‘prayed-up’ and ready to bring not just beautiful Christian music, but positioned to bring anointed worship of God. 


He is an avid student of the Bible and well read in numerous fields relating to Christian discipleship. With over two decades of experience of living out the teachings of the Bible, he is a gifted communicator and teacher who brings words that are not only inspiring but lived out through a faithful walk with God. Trefor is a pleasure to work with and a real strength and encouragement to our church community. I can wholeheartedly commend him to you as an itinerant worship leader to enrich your ministry."

David Fletcher

Pastor at New Life In Christ, Harrogate

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